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The Benefits of Owning Investment Properties

For the purposes of this section, we’re going to assume that you’re a relative newcomer to the property investing scene. Perhaps you’re on the fence about investing in property. You’ve probably heard your fair share of horror stories, but here’s something to keep in mind: The real estate crisis is over. Worldwide, the real estate business is growing fast and Uganda is no exception. The market in Uganda is thriving especially in Kampala & Wakiso District. Furthermore, Kampala & Wakiso have always been a safe bet for savvy investors. These districts attract a steady stream of families and young professionals, that are always looking for places to rent or land to buy.

Take Advantage of Leverage Appreciation –

This is property investing 101: Most investors use financing to buy properties. In most cases, a down payment of 20 to 30 percent is expected, and the rest is financed. Due to high demand, properties throughout Kampala & Wakiso tend to appreciate steadily and reliably from one year to the next. What happens, then, is a situation that’s precisely the opposite of being “underwater” on a mortgage. Before too long, the equity in your investment far exceeds what you owe, and that’s largely due to appreciation. That’s a very secure position to be in, and it’s what investors strive for. In Kampala & Wakiso, this scenario is very likely to play out for you, so you can count on having a nice safety net within a reasonable period.

Enjoy the Benefits of Rental Income –

As long as you are careful about what you pay for your properties and how much you can collect in rent, you should be able to start enjoying a steady stream of rental income right away. Additionally, you’ll need to set aside about 5 percent of the rent you collect for maintenance and another 5 percent for vacancy costs. Whatever is left over can go right into your savings account.

Why Invest in Property in Uganda?

If you’re new to property investing, hopefully the preceding section convinced you of its benefits. If you’re a seasoned investor, though, you’re already aware of the amazing opportunities that property investing brings to the table. Here’s the next question: Why should you focus on Concept Real estate? What makes Kampala & Wakiso so great?

Real estate value appreciates, buy land for sale today and sell tomorrow as the value goes up. Real estate is a physical asset that cannot be destroyed.

There is always strong demand for real estate & rental units in the districts of Kampala & Wakiso. At any given moment, thousands of people are out there looking for places to live. Not surprisingly, most of them want to live within the Kampala & Wakiso district limits.

Rental properties just don’t tend to sit vacant for very long. Obviously, the area of the city and other factors affect how quickly a property will be leased, generally speaking, you shouldn’t have to wait long to find takers. Kampala & Wakiso’s real estate market is incredibly dynamic. Whether you purchase/build land  for single-family homes, condos, apartment buildings or other types of rental properties, you can expect to fill them quickly.

People from all over the world invest in Uganda’s real estate. Clearly, Kampala & Wakiso are great places for investors of all stripes. Whether you’re new to investing and want to start with a safe investment that will start bringing in income right away or if you’re an experienced investor who wants to enhance your overall success and generate even more income, you can’t go wrong with Kampala & Wakiso.