About us

Concept Real Estate was founded in 2017 with the mission of building and operating quality residential communities. Development activity consisted of apartments, primarily in Wakiso District. Concept Real Estate partners were the sole financial investors in the first residential developments. The need for Residential and Commercial properties was recognized by the owner, Brian Kayongo. As we begin to grow and prosper, we are also expanding into additional major markets and regions of Uganda helping those looking for new places to live & invest, find an apartment to rent or buy at one of our communities.We believe in the value of people, investing in knowledge, and investing in the future.
Concept Real estate is a Family-owned & Customer-obsessed Company that was founded in 2017, centered around a young entrepreneur, Brian Kayongo’s concept of making waves in an old industry. Brian’s ambition grew about development & construction while working with his father to build their development project. Brian & his father were doing this while in the U.S. He found it difficult with communication and planning with the people in Uganda. He had to go through relatives and friends to get constant updates on the project which took 2 full years to complete that would have taken 1 year. Brian noticed the deficit in the development & construction process for people who lived outside of Uganda. Brian understood how crucial the time & process of completing a project was important because it determines your return of investments in real estate. This is when his passion was stirred up in his heart to start Concept Real estate, INC. The Mission is to turn people’s concepts into real estate. At Concept Real estate, we continue to build a culture of community.